Instant Renting can only be accessed from the web at this time.

As a Roomi user, you are now able to book a room or let someone book your room, and pay for it through Roomi. All room listings with Instant Renting enabled will have a lightning bolt next to the rent. Currently, Instant Renting is available for 1 - 3 month durations.

How to enable Instant Renting

  1. Login to your account from our homepage
  2. Click 'Manage My Listings'
  3. Click the Edit icon to the right of your listing

4. Click the 'List with Instant Renting' checkbox

Users that are looking for a place will see that you have Instant Renting available, and be able to send a booking request for the time period you've decided.

Note: You must approve or decline Instant Renting requests within 72 hours. No response after 72 hours is an automatic decline.

When a user wants to book your place, you will receive an email from Roomi telling you who is requesting to book your room, a link to their profile, and asking you to accept or reject their request. You can chose to chat with the person before accepting the request. Once the request is accepted, you will receive full payment when the person moves in. 

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