If your listing is in "Insufficient" or "Rejected" status, you'll receive an in-app chat from our Listings Team letting you know what needs to be completed to get your room listing up and running. 

Common reasons for Insufficient or Rejected status:

-We need to verify your residency at the listing address
-The listing doesn't have enough interior images
-You don't have a profile photo

More information will be specified in the chat from the Listings Team. 

As soon as we receive the requested information back, we'll have your listing up and running in no time!

If you believe you did not receive an in-app with this information, you may reach out to Roomi Support via the following methods: 

App: You can open up a chat with Roomi Support through the app by clicking “More” on the bottom right and then click on “Contact Roomi.” 

Web: Login at www.roomiapp.com and click on the conversation bubble in the bottom right to open up a chat with Roomi Support. 

Email: hello@roomiapp.com

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