What are P2P applications?

If you are a mover and have found an apartment you're interested in, you now have to fill out a quick application that will be sent to the person listing their room. Once the lister accepts your application, you are able to chat with each other.

Is my credit score and salary shared with my potential roommate?

No, this information is kept confidential. 

What does P2P applications mean for me as a room lister?

Web: Chat requests will appear on the top bar under the 'My Requests' tab if you have an active account.

iOS: Chat requests will be visible in the request center in the bottom navigation bar.

Android: Chat requests are in the side-bar at the top under the 'Document' icon.

You have three days to respond to chat requests or they will expire and be deleted from your inbox. If you reach out to a mover and message them, they will not have to complete the P2P Application.

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