What do I need in order to complete photo ID identity proofing?

Users will need their US Driver's License or STATE issued identification card.

How do I take a good photo?

Here are some tips for submitting a good quality image:

  1. Put the document on a contrasting background and capture all four edges clearly (include a bit of of background buffer on all sides)
  2. Find good lighting to avoid glare (e.g. avoid dark rooms, avoid direct light from ceiling lights, bright lamps, etc. that may cause glare)
  3. Retake the photo if you notice a glare in the image
  4. Capture entire face in the selfie and look directly at the camera
  5. Make sure no one else is in the background of the photo.

I don't have a smartphone, how do I verify my photo ID?

We currently don't offer verification for users who don't have access to a smartphone

What smartphone camera quality do you require?

The image must be at least a 5 megapixel camera

What happens if I take a poor quality image?

We will automatically prompt you to retake the image if we cannot read it

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