In order for your listing to be approved it must meet the following listing guidelines:

  • Upload a minimum of two interior photos. An example could be the bedroom being rented out and the shared living area. We always recommend posting as many clear, high quality photos as possible as this gives users a better idea of what your place looks like. Here's an example of some great photos that make your listing really stand out:
  • Your profile photo must be a real photo of you. This lets users know who they are talking to and who their potential roommate might be
  • A minimum description of fifty characters about your listing. Use this space to really showcase your listing. Summarize the area, yourself, any amenities you offer and what you're looking for in a roommate.

We find that users who really put in the effort to showcase their listing and go beyond these guidelines receive the most messages and fill their rooms faster.

Once your listing meets these guidelines, your listing will need to be verified by completing one of the following:

  • A screenshot of your lease or utility bill is needed for residency verification. It must clearly show your name and address.
  • A photo of a piece of mail that is addressed to you from the USPS or another carrier like FedEx, UPS, etc.

If your listing is still in pending status or has not been approved after completing all of the above, please reach out to Roomi Support.

Note: If you change your photos or change the location of your listing, it will be placed in pending status again. Please reach out to Roomi Support so we can review the updated information and approve your listing.

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